Superfail, What’s More Popular Than Congress?, Obama Stands Behind Cuts, and a Bad Map at State; The PM Note

Superfail - The supercommittee can’t reach a bipartisan agreement to save America. But President Obama pledged tonight that he will force Congress to stand by promised “sequestration” spending cuts.

Obama: “One way or another we are going to trim the deficit by $1.2 trillion over the next ten years… I will veto any effort to get rid of those automatic spending cuts.”

Read all about the supercommittee  here, with reporting from Sunlen Miller, John Parkinson and Huma Khan:

Game: What’s More Popular than Congress? - War with Iran is more popular among Americans than is Congress. With the failure of even a small supercommittee of lawmakers to reach an agreement, it’s no wonder that Congressional approval is so low.

Who’s To Blame? Obama blamed Congress for the superfail. “They’ve still got a year to figure it out.”

Republican presidential candidates blamed Obama for not leading.

“I would have anticipated the president of the United States would have spent every day and many nights working with the members of the supercommittee to find a way to bridge the gap,” Romney said. “Instead, he’s been out doing other things, campaigning, blaming and traveling. This in my view is inexcusable.” Romney said the supercommittee failure is like the U.S. putting a gun to its head.

Michelle Bachmann compared Obama’s absence on the Super Committee vote to the kids’ book “Where’s Waldo?”

Who is spared from Sequestration? Grandma and Grandpa do OK, reports Amy Bingham:

What Sequestration Means at the Pentagon - After 10 years, the cuts would leave the United States with the smallest ground forces since 1940, a Navy fleet that would be the smallest since 1915 and the lowest number of fighters in the Air Force’s history, Panetta warned. The Pentagon would have to cancel acquisition programs such as the Army’s helicopter and ground vehicle modernization programs and the new Air Force bomber program, delay others, and reduce the fleet. Wartime funding would not be affected.

Obama to NH – The President heads to New Hampshire tomorrow where he will be greeted by Mitt Romney’s first TV ad of the 2012 cycle. Obama is behind Romney in the latest New Hampshire polls.

Newt on Top - For the first time in a major poll, Newt Gingrich is on topl. It’s within the margin of error, but he’s up 24 – 22 percent over Romney.

Abramoff Grades New’t Non-Lobbying - Jack Abramoff: Newt Gingrich ‘Cashing in on Public Service’; ‘Lobbying’ by Another Name – “”The problem isn’t the people breaking the law — the problem is the people keeping the law. What’s legal up there is the problem, the way they set the lines is the problem and that’s what really has to be addressed.” Watch Top Line here:

Klein 2012 - Abramoff and Jon Karl also wished Rick Klein a happy birthday on Top Line. Karl unveiled a joking “Klein 2012? bumper sticker. Abramoff doomed the candidacy by endorsing him.

Target: Romney’s Character – ABC’s Michael Falcone reports:In an interview to be broadcast on Fox News on Monday night, Romney made a point of bringing up a three-month-old anonymous quote offered by a Democratic strategist who used a provocative choice of words. This time, Romney did too.

“One of his advisers said their strategy will be to kill Romney,” Romney said in the interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. “That’s not a very exciting phrase to be using, so I’m not looking forward to that.”

But in the same interview Romney predicts President Obama’s re-election strategy: “What he’ll do is try and assassinate — on a character basis, his opponents and — or his opposition. I’m hoping that’s me, but I’m not looking forward to those attacks.”

Michelle Obama Does NASCAR - The Booing of Michelle Obama at NASCAR – Real or Imagined – has entered the public consciousness. The NASCAR 2012 schedule is like a tour of swing states.

Rush Limbaugh suggested that NASCAR fans don’t like Michelle Obama’s “uppityism.”

Michelle Obama Does Country Music

State Department Publishes Bad Map – Kirit Radia reports: The U.S. State Department posted a faulty map on its website that alters some of the geographical boundaries of Kashmir, the disputed region between India and Pakistan, and depicted some area as part of Pakistan. The region has been a major source of tension between the two South Asian rivals since their partition in 1948. The offending image has already been taken down, but it can still be seen in reports in the region. More here:

Tapper Q’s Carney on reports of CIA spies arrested in Iran –

Debate Prebuttal - Retired Gen. Wesley Clark, the former Democratic presidential candidate turned surrogate for President Obama’s re-election campaign, today sharply criticized the Republican contenders for being “all over the map ” on foreign policy and national security. They are “offering sound-bite critiques and shifting positions with every change in the headlines as they seek partisan advantage,” Clark said in prepared remarks to the National Press Club, a prebuttal to tomorrow night’s GOP presidential debate.