The Note’s Must-Reads for Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Compiled by ABC News Digital News Associates Jacqueline Fernandez, Amanda VanAllen and Desk Assistant Erin McLaughlin

MITT ROMNEY ABC News’ Emily Friedman: “For the first time, Romney Names Names for VP slot” Asked tonight about who he might consider to fill the vice presidential spot should he become the GOP nominee, Mitt Romney got more specific than he has in the past, naming New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte as one option for the post. “I have no names for you, it’s presumptuous, I’m not the nominee,” Romney began, before continuing, “There probably are 15 names of people, including Kelly Ayotte.”. LINK

The New York Times’ Ashley Parker: “ Romney’s First Television Ad Attacks Obama on Economy” Mitt Romney previewed his first television ad — set to go on the air in New Hampshire on Tuesday, with a $134,000 buy behind it — to Sean Hannity of Fox News on Monday evening. The 60-second spot begins with images of President Obama in New Hampshire as the democratic nominee in 2008, talking about his plans to turn around the economy. LINK

NEWT GINGRICH The Washington Post’s Amy Gardner: “ Gingrich seeks to prove staying power” Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich touched down in New Hampshire on Monday to assume the title of surging presidential candidate — and to try to impart to it a staying power that has eluded those who have risen and stumbled before. The fifth Republican contender to climb to the top of public polls this year, Gingrich took advantage of the moment to again announce his plans to reform Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and various programs for the poor. LINK

The Washington Times: “ Gingrich calls for private retirement accounts” Republican presidential contender Newt Gingrich is telling college students that he would let them use their payroll taxes to fund private retirement accounts instead of putting the money into Social Security, if they want to. Younger workers could also opt to stay in the Social Security system. LINK

The New York Daily News’ Thomas DeFrank: “GOP Debate on tap in Washington: Newt Gingrich tries to keep momentum while Herman Cain attempts to stop decline” The supercommittee’s embarrassing collapse adds a tricky new task for the combatants in yet another GOP debate Tuesday: persuading voters they can end the partisan dysfunction crippling Washington. The eight contenders in the CNN/American Enterprise Institute debate from Washington have proved adept at trashing President Obama and laying off one another in recent encounters. Now, they must find a way to separate themselves from one another in a field suddenly bunched tightly at the top, according to recent polls. LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Patrick O’ Connor and Jonathan Weisman: “ Gingrich Touts Private Plans” Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said on Monday that younger workers should be allowed to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes to private investment accounts, leaving Mitt Romney as the only leading GOP contender not to advocate fundamental changes to the federal retirement program. Younger workers also could opt to remain in the current Social Security system under Mr. Gingrich’s plan. LINK

OTHER Politico’s Maggie Haberman: “ About that New Hampshire tie” Suffolk University just released new poll numbers that contradict a survey last week showing Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in a virtual tie – but which do show the former House Speaker on the move against the home-state favorite. Romney has 41 percent of likely voters, compared to 14 percent for both Ron Paul and Gingrich, according to the survey. LINK

USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich: “Republican candidates face foreign police challenge” Republican presidential contenders have made slamming President Obama’s economic policies a key theme of the 2012 election, but criticizing his national security record will be a tougher sell, according to foreign policy experts. As the GOP field gathers in Washington tonight to debate national security issues for the second time this month, they will not only wade into area where the president is politically strong but will also venture into complicated issues where those who are not prepared are easily exposed. LINK

ABC NEWS VIDEOS “President Obama addresses supercommittee failure” LINK

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