The Note’s Must-Reads for Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Compiled by ABC News Digital News Associates Jayce Henderson, Jacqueline Fernandez and Amanda VanAllen

PRESIDENT OBAMA: The Washington Post’s Anne Kornblut and David Nakamura: “ Pennsylvania becomes major battleground for Obama in 2012” The Obama campaign says it is working on an expanded electoral map in 2012, preparing for battle in so many places that it can afford to lose some of the big, traditional states he won four years ago. Pennsylvania is not one of those states. LINK

The Washington Times’ Dave Boyer: “ Obama takes tax pitch to ‘must-win’ state of Pennsylvania” The White House is billing President Obama’s trip Wednesday to Scranton, Pa., as an opportunity to talk about tax cuts, but the location just happens to be crucial to his re-election chances next year. LINK

HERMAN CAIN: ABC News’ Amy Walter: “ Herman Cain: ‘No Way He’s Dropping Out,’ Says Campaign Manager” Although Herman Cain told his senior staff this morning that he was “reassessing” his campaign’s livelihood in light of an accusation by an Atlanta woman of a 13-year extra-marital affair, Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, said in an interview tonight that there is “no way he’s dropping out.” Block said the term “reassessment” was meant to imply a “strategic reassessment” and “not a reassessment of withdrawing” from the race. LINK

The Hills’ Justin Sink: “ Herman Cain’s exit may be coming soon” There were growing signs Tuesday that Herman Cain’s beleaguered presidential campaign could be drawing toward a close. The former restaurant executive told supporters that he is reassessing “where we stand” in the race for the White House amid new allegations of a 13-year extramarital affair with an Atlanta businesswoman.  LINK

USA Todays’ Jackie Kucinich: “ Cain reassessing campaign after woman alleges 13-year affair” Herman Cain said Tuesday he will decide the future of his bid for the Republican presidential nomination within the next few days in the wake of an accusation of infidelity, but some Republicans say it may already be too late. During a conference call with 94 people Tuesday morning, Cain denied a claim by Atlanta businesswoman Ginger White that she and Cain had a 13-year extramarital affair, according to The Des Moines Register, which was invited by the campaign to listen in. LINK

The New York Daily News’ John Carroll: “ Herman Cain is not able to get it together as campaign implodes under Ginger White, sexual harassment messes” Aside from his sexual antics, Hormone — sorry, Herman — Cain had one big problem as a presidential primary candidate: He never took his campaign seriously, so why should anyone else have? From the start it was clear that Cain was woefully underequipped for the job, and when he wasn’t trumpeting his ignorance (“Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan”), he was blaming everyone but himself for his often comical inadequacies (“What Libya gap? I was just thinking!”). LINK

The Wall Street Journal’s Neil King Jr. and Cameron McWhirter: “ Cain Mulls Campaign’s Future” Herman Cain said Tuesday he is assessing whether to continue his presidential quest after a Georgia woman’s allegations that they had a lengthy extramarital affair fed doubts about the viability of his campaign.  In a conference call with campaign aides, the Republican candidate said he would decide over the next several days how to proceed after weighing whether the woman’s statement created “too much of a cloud” among his supporters. LINK

MITT ROMNEY / NEWT GINGRICH: The New York Times’ Mike McIntire and Jim Rutenberg: “ Gingrich Gave Push to Clients, Not Just Ideas” Newt Gingrich is adamant that he is not a lobbyist, but rather a visionary who traffics in ideas, not influence. But in the eight years since he started his health care consultancy, he has made millions of dollars while helping companies promote their services and gain access to state and federal officials. LINK

The Los Angeles Times’ Michael A. Memoli: “ Game on? Mitt Romney calls Newt Gingrich a ‘lifelong politician’” Mitt Romney argued Tuesday that he’d be the best Republican candidate to take on President Obama next fall, saying the party needs to do better than a “lifelong politician” like Newt Gingrich. Romney has long enjoyed skirmishing with President Obama as he campaigns for the GOP nomination. But his comments about Gingrich reflect the growing threat he presents to Romney’s campaign. LINK

Bloomberg’s Lisa Lerer: “ Gingrich Works to Avoid Rivals’ Boom-Bust Fate After Rising in Voter Polls” Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is trying to prove he’s got something his rivals don’t: staying power. After a surge in the polls that revived a candidacy long dismissed as nothing more than a promotional book tour, the former House speaker is positioning himself as the party’s strongest alternative to front-runner Mitt Romney. LINK

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