Christie Dubs Himself the 'Loud Mouthed Guy' Stumping for Romney

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Referring to himself as the "loud mouthed guy from New Jersey," Gov. Chris Christie stumped for Mitt Romney today in eastern Iowa, urging the crowd to convince their undecided friends and family members to caucus for Romney.

"Grab those undecideds, get those Romney stickers on them, get them standing in the right place on caucus night on Tuesday get them doing the right things," said Christie, who spoke in the dining from of the Spring House restaurant. "Let me tell you, if you do that you're going to be able to look back on Jan. 20, 2013 and you're going to say, 'Here in Iowa we started the momentum that created the next great American president.'"

Christie and Ann Romney made their way around to the voters - about a hundred who filled into the small diner - shaking nearly every hand.

Dodging a question he gets everywhere he goes - will he be on the ticket as Romney's running mate - Christie laughed, before responding, "Do I look like the marrying type?"

Following Ann Romney's brief remarks about her relationship with Mitt Romney and what it was like raising five sons - they were "naughty," she joked - Christie took over, reminding the Iowans of their important role in the nominating process.

"Iowa is going to be so, so important to this process," said Christie. "You know, that's why you're here. You all are really the folks that the rest of America depends on to begin this process in an earnest and fair way to vet the people who care enough to offer themselves for president of the United States, to look at everyone up close and get a feel for them."

"You know in New Jersey our primary is June 5. There ain't going to be nobody there at that point," Christie said, laughing. "Nobody at a restaurant in New Jersey like this looking you at the eye going to be getting ready for the conventions."

"In these last couple of days if there's anybody in your life that's undecided I think it's imperative that you grab them by the arm and say, 'Listen, I've looked them in the eye, I've listened to them, believe them, I trust them and just in case that's not enough for you this loud guy from New Jersey came and he said he likes them too if that matters to you," he said.

As the crowd grew silent after applauding, Christie couldn't help but offer the commentary he's become so famous for.

"No reason to go library on us," he yelled, encouraging the diners to start up their conversations again.