Herman Cain Announcement Coming Tomorrow?

Will Herman Cain make his big announcement tomorrow?


The embattled candidate just said he will make an announcement tomorrow in Atlanta and will clarify what his next steps are.

But moments before Cain made those comments, his spokesman JD Gordon told me they have no plans to make the announcement tomorrow. Instead, Gordon says, Cain plans to open his Georgia headquarters and talk to supporters about his reassessment.

NBC News tweeted a little while ago that Cain plans “a major announcement” in Atlanta tomorrow. The Washington Post just reported Cain has summoned major supporters and donors to Atlanta to give them “advanced word” on his plans.

Gordon said the NBC affiliate in Atlanta “jumped the gun a little bit.”

They have no plans for him to announce the result of his “reassessment” tomorrow, Gordon says, but he also says “things change hour by hour.”