Herman Cain Train: Will it Make Final Stop on Saturday?

After allegations of sexual harassment and later allegations of a long-term affair rocked his presidential campaign, businessman Herman Cain plans a major announcement in Atlanta on Saturday.

But it is not clear if Cain will carry on another month to the Iowa caucuses early next year or suspend his campaign.

Here is what we know:

  • Cain will be at the “Grand Opening” of his Georgia state headquarters in Atlanta Saturday sometime between noon and 2 p.m.
  • Multiple sources have told us Cain plans to have a private meeting with key supporters before he appears at the grand opening.
  • These supporters have not, however, been given a specific time or place for this meeting.

“I have not been given any kind of agenda for that meeting,” one person who has been informed about it said Friday night. “I have not been given any indication what that means.”

What is he going to do?

One top Cain supporter told us tonight that he expects Cain will end his campaign.

“It’s over,” this supporter said, adding that he has no direct knowledge of Cain’s decision.

Other prominent Cain supporters said they were uncertain.

One source close to Cain who spoke with the candidate as recently as Friday morning told ABC News that he had heard Cain was assuring staff members flying on his private charter plane to Atlanta that he would not drop out of the race.

“I understand on the flight back to the Atlanta area tonight that Mr. Cain was indicating to people on the plane that he was not planning to announce a withdrawal from the race,” the source said. (Of course, that was before Mr. Cain reunited with his wife, Gloria, at their Atlanta home.)

Meanwhile, officials in the Cain campaign remained mum about the candidate’s intentions.

“No statements have been issued from the campaign regarding his decision,” was all that Cain’s deputy chief of staff, Linda Hansen, would tell ABC News.

And the smoking Mark Block was quoted tonight saying Cain has not yet made a decision.