Hours Before Midnight, Mitt Romney Still Figuring Out New Year's Eve Plans

Winslow Townson/AP Photo

LE MARS, IOWA - Hours before the clock strikes midnight, even Mitt Romney hasn't nailed down his New Year's Eve plans.

Asked after a meet and greet with voters in Le Mars, Iowa, this afternoon on what he'll do to ring in the new year, Romney said he's still looking into it.

"I looked at the website to see what's going on in Des Moines over New Years Eve and there's a celebration of the music of the Doors at a place called the… is it the Brickyard I think? So we'll see if we go there or just hang out in the lobby of the hotel. Not sure yet," said Romney, who also mentioned that he'd spend the night with his wife, Ann.

A quick Google search finds that the venue Romney was trying to think of is actually the House of Brick's, which according to the Des Moines Register is hosting an event called "No One Gets Out Alive," a tribute to The Doors.

The party, which requires a $10 cover charge, includes a free champagne toast at midnight, which for Romney, who abstains from alcohol under provisions of his Mormon faith, would likely skip.

When asked if he's a fan of The Doors, Romney responded "I enjoy their music." As for a New Year's resolution? That, Romney says, he has covered. "To be more thankful and appreciative of people who I owe appreciation to."

Romney still has one more event in 2011 - a town hall in Sioux City, Iowa - before he'll be able to attend any sort of celebration.