Mike Huckabee Says No To Being A Kingmaker in Iowa

DES MOINES, Iowa-At the premiere of a film that he co-produced, Mike Huckabee said he would not be a kingmaker for the GOP in the next three week and told ABC News he would not endorse any candidate before the Iowa caucuses on January 3, and that he may not back anyone before the primary fight ends.

"I don't see it happening in the primary because I want people to look at these candidates and to make the decision based on what their heart and soul told them is right about these folks," Huckabee said, adding he hasn't even made his own choice yet.

"I don't want to try and tell somebody 'here's who you ought to vote for.' I'm not sure who I'm going to vote for, I mean honestly. I don't have that settled in my own heart yet," the former Arkansas governor added. "There are some good people, most of these people are my friends, I know them, I've worked with many of them and I know all of them and if you had to tell me tonight to go into the voting booth and vote I would have a hard time myself."

Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses the last cycle and he has had famously antagonistic relationship with then-rival Mitt Romney, but he said if  the former Massachusetts governor is the nominee he will "be out there campaigning for him vigorously and unflinchingly."

Huckabee said as he's deciding he's looking for someone who has "core convictions."

"Who really believes what they say and they say what they believe," Huckabee said. "I am going to make sure the people who ask for my support are solid on the issues that matter to me. I want them to believe we shouldn't be spending money we don't have,  borrowing money we can't afford to pay  back and I want them to be  absolutely clear and unflinching on the issue of the sanctity of human life because I do think it' s an important issue.

"Is it going to be as important in the election process as jobs and the economy? Probably not, but it is an important issue  for those of us who see this not as a political, but a moral issue that really reflects what kind of culture we have," he said.

Huckabee narrated and co-produced the documentary, "The Gift of Life," an anti-abortion rights film that talks to women who considered having abortions and  adult children whose mothers considered ending their pregnancies.

"We are not trying to form their conclusion for the viewer, we leave that to the viewer, but I think it has a very powerful message, but it has a very different kind of approach. It's not the horrors of abortion as much as it is the affirmation of every human life, and I would even state it's not just an abortion film it's really more of a life film, because life has value whether it's unborn or whether that life is 8-years-old or whether that life is 80 years old," Huckabee said.