New Gingrich TV Ad Defends Attacks With ‘Solutions’ Campaign

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Newt Gingrich campaign is unveiling a rare TV ad here today, aiming for victory in the Hawkeye state on the same day of the last Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses.

Some GOP presidential campaigns have been advertising for months in Iowa, but this is only Gingrich's second ad to run in the state, the first airing earlier this month. When asked why he hasn't run more ads in the competitive caucus state, Gingrich has said for weeks that he doesn't need to advertise with "all the media" doing it for him.

The amount of the ad buy was not disclosed by the campaign. The ad is titled " We Deserve Solutions."

Likely hinting at full-throttle attacks from the Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul campaigns this week, Gingrich in the ad calls out "others" who seem to be "more focused on attacks rather than moving the country forward. That's up to them."

Gingrich tries to inspire by saying he believes in "bold ideas."

"New solutions will unleash America's creative spirit," Gingrich says.

But Gingrich also doesn't hesitate to hold up what he views as his crowning achievements as former speaker of the House under Bill Clinton. "When I was speaker, our budget was balanced and 11 million jobs were created," he says. "We can do it again and rebuild the America we love."

In a statement to ABC News, campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond said the ad shows Gingrich's commitment to run a positive campaign and sticks to his pledge not to run attack ads, "while still defending against false attacks."

Gingrich released a letter to his staff this week asking that they not attack the other candidates.