Newt Gingrich May Miss Suggested Ohio Primary Deadline

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

A growing number of Republicans want to vote for Newt Gingrich in coming presidential primaries, according to opinion polls, but in some states they'll have trouble finding him on the ballot.

Momentum can be extremely important, in a presidential campaign, but it is not the only factor that catapults a candidate to victory.

Organization is key to any successful primary bid, especially  the adherence to important filing dates - the deadlines by which a candidate must submit the  information a state requires to appear on its ballot.

The suggested filing deadline to appear on the ballot in the Ohio primary is 4 p.m. today, and there is speculation as to whether Newt Gingrich can file the necessary signatures  to qualify for the ballot by this afternoon's deadline.

Gingrich's campaign has received attention recently regarding its lack of organization. Last month the former speaker of the House missed the filing deadline for his name to appear on the  Missouri primary ballot. Gingrich has since said that the skipped deadline was not a mistake  but rather a calculated decision on the part of his campaign.

"The Missouri primary does not have any delegates attached to it," Gingrich told reporters at a press conference in New York City on Monday, "and so this was a conscious decision; this was not an oversight."

But the Ohio situation is different.  Today's filing deadline is only a recommended deadline for presidential candidates. Ohio's presidential primary is currently scheduled for June 12, and the actual filing deadline for presidential candidates is March 14.  Today's filing deadline in Ohio applies only to individuals hoping to run in state, local and U.S. Senate races.

The Ohio secretary of state, however,  has suggested that presidential candidates adhere to today's filing deadline as a precautionary measure, since a new law pushing back the filing deadline until March 14  hasn't taken effect yet.

The other state whose filing deadline is today is Oklahoma. According to local news reports Gingrich has successfully filed for its March 6  primary.

UPDATE: Newt Gingrich was one of three Republican presidential candidates to adhere to today's suggested deadline in Ohio. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney also filed today in Ohio. Michele Bachmann, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum have not yet filed with the Ohio of Secretary of State.