Rick Perry Admits He’s Neither a Singer nor a Barber

DeWITT, Iowa - Leroy Claussen from Bettendorf was sitting in the barber's chair at Art Barber's Shop off Main Street here when Texas Gov. Rick Perry grabbed a pair of clippers and a comb out of the barber's hands and pretended that he was going to give Claussen  a haircut.

"You don't even want me to do this. Trust me," Perry joked with Louisiana Gov.  Bobby Jindal, who was standing at his side. "Trust me. The last thing you want me to do is give you a haircut. Two things, you don't want - me singing to you, and you don't want me giving you a haircut." '

Lucky for Claussen, Perry handed over the clippers to Art Barber, who has owned the barber shop for 43 years.

Perry and Jindal made their way around the shops and restaurants along Main Street, greeting patrons at the Whisk Away Café, signing a Von Miller, a Texas A&M alum who plays for the Denver Broncos, jersey at Hall of Fame Wings and Pizza, and running into Steve Olsen, a state legislator who was wearing the same style of Justin Roper shoes as the Texas governor's. Jindal wore brown cowboy boots.

And as he toured Main Street, Perry continued to show his love for  babies as he puckered his lips at a baby boy named Hayden.

"It's time to kiss the baby," Perry said, moving in to give Hayden a kiss.

But the baby was shy and kept squirming away from the Texas governor in the arms of his mother.