Rick Perry Super PAC Goes Negative On Gingrich and Romney

Makes Us Great Again, the super PAC supporting Texas Gov. Rick Perry's presidential bid, went negative for the first time today, releasing a television ad in Iowa and South Carolina blasting Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Titled "Newsreel," the 30-second TV spot provides a tick-tock of some of the two candidates' most controversial stances from years past.

"Decades ago, Gingrich goes to Washington. Romney runs pro-choice campaign for Senate," a voice says in an old newsreader's tone as black-and-white video of each candidates appears along a strip of film. "Gingrich found guilty of ethics violations. Mitt creates Romneycare. Gingrich joins Pelosi in support of global warming, supports TARP and bailout. Collects big bucks from Freddie Mac. "

To further stress the contrast of Perry to his rivals, video of the Texas governor appears on a more modern iPad, while the voice reads, "Rick Perry, he creates a million new jobs, cuts taxes and reduces regulations, the proven conservative."

A source with knowledge of the ad buy said this advertisement will be the sole Make Us Great Again ad running in Iowa and South Carolina, and today the campaign's ad buy in Iowa increased by $175,000 in order to run this advertisement.