Romney Orders Hawaiian Pizza, Feeds Reporters

NEWPORT, N.H. - It was Hawaiian pizza with olives for Mitt and Ann Romney during a stop today at a pizza joint in western New Hampshire.

"Small is fine," said Romney, placing his order. "That's strange, huh?" he remarked, as the person behind the counter repeated his order back to him.

During the second stop of his inaugural bus tour, Romney and his entourage pulled up at Village Pizza, established back in 1975, where the presidential candidate was mobbed by the press and supporters as he managed to push his way up to the counter. There he collaborated with wife Ann on what they should order.

Making stops at tables around the restaurant, Romney tried his hand at serving the thick-crust pies, doling out slices to patrons at the restaurant.

"Beautiful ladies, how are you," said Romney, pizza pie in hand, as he approached a table of elderly women.

"Let's get some pizza, you get some pizza out here, alright?" he said, offering up the cheese pizza.

Introducing Ann, Romney said, "This is the person who guides my life," as he placed his arm around her shoulder.

One woman shouted, "And it's not 25 years, it's 42!" A reference to a debate flub in which Romney misstated how many years he and Ann have been married.

"I was almost in deep, deep trouble," said Romney, laughing.

Before boarding his campaign bus to head to the third of four bus stops today, Romney jumped on the bus carrying the press with Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who endorsed Romney last month.

Hands filled with sandwiches, Romney began auctioning the subs out to the press, yelling, "Who wants a veggie? We have an Italian here, who wants an Italian? Turkey…turkey…I've got a whole flock."

When no one wanted a ham sub he was offering, Romney joked, "What are you guys eating back there? Filet mignon with some brie, is that it back here? What's going on?"

A reporter responded: "Arugula."

"Yeah, some arugula. This is the John Kerry bus, back there, I'm sorry," he said, chuckling.

Asked by one reporter why the media isn't invited on to his bus, a luxury motor coach that is rumored to be supplied with Ann's homemade cookies, Romney wasn't shy in explaining how great his ride is.

"It's a nice bus over there, I'll tell you, the music , they've got a band in there. Dancing. It's really nice. The grill is up now, they're grilling the steaks, the hot dogs. You'll get a turn, we look at what you write and then we decide," said Romney.

Before hopping off the bus Romney made sure everyone was taken care of.

"You're all fed, watered?" he asked.