Ron Paul Hits Gingrich On "Serial Hypocrisy"

Ron Paul has released a new web ad that portrays Newt Gingrich as a serial hypocrite.

The 150-second ad showcases some questionable conservative stances made by the former speaker of the House, such as his agreement with Nancy Pelosi that “our country must take action to address climate change” and labeling Representative Paul Ryan’s proposed Medicare overhaul as “right-wing social engineering.”

The ad uses gritty black and white news clips to slam Gingrich’s work since leaving public office 13 years ago as a lobbyist for the health care industry and for mortgage giant Freddie Mac.

It is also feature clips of influential conservatives such as Rush Limbaugh and Rep. Paul Ryan taking swipes at Mr. Gingrich’s positions.

Overnight, Gingrich’s Press Secretary R. C. Hammond flatly debunked any notion that the former Speaker doesn’t have the conservative chops to be president.

In a statement Hammond wrote that more than any other candidate, Gingrich “has achieved more conservative reform of government” and spent more time “championing the cause of the conservative movement.”

The video will not run on television, but will instead be sent “to a far-reaching e-mail list of conservative voters nationally, including in key early voting states.”

Paul’s Campaign Chairman, Jesse Benton said in a statement that the video is meant “to debunk the myth that the Newt we are seeing on the 2012 campaign trail is the conservative he has been touted to be all along.”

Mr. Gingrich has called the video he made with Ms. Pelosi “the dumbest mistake I ever made.” He also denies that he has worked as a lobbyist.

Paul issued a similar attack ad over the summer which incorrectly said that then frontrunner Gov. Rick Perry helped lead Gore’s 1988 campaign.

With little more than a month before the first votes are cast next year, Paul is trying to position himself as the main alternative to Romney. He has recently become a front runner in Iowa, joining Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.