White House Goes Gaga: Staffers Meet With Pop Star Lady Gaga

Lester Cohen/WireImage/Getty Images

Lady Gaga is bringing her activist power to the White House today to discuss bullying prevention with administration officials. The White House confirms that the pop star has a meeting scheduled in the West Wing this afternoon with presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett and members of the staff of the Office of Public Engagement.

Lady Gaga will not meet with President Barack Obama, who is in Kansas delivering a speech on the economy and the middle class. The two have met before, however. Gaga met the president earlier this year at a fundraiser for his re-election campaign.

Fashion Update: ABC News got a glimpse of the artist as she left the White House this afternoon. Lady Gaga, dressed in head-to-toe white, wore a long dress, loose-fitting jacket, and, of course, her trademark sky-high heels. The star's long blond hair was straight, and her make-up was subdued.