Chamber Promises to Meddle in Elizabeth Warren's Senate Race

The free-enterprise advocates at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce say they'll be spending lots of time trying to influence the Senate race in Massachusetts involving Elizabeth Warren, the hero of the left who is responsible for creating the consumer protection bureau that has been demonized by Republicans.

The chamber is careful not to give too many details of its plans for the Senate seat once held by the late Ted Kennedy, and now occupied by Republican Scott Brown. But two chamber leaders suggested to reporters this morning that their influence in the Bay State will be quite noticeable.

"We'll be significantly involved," said Tom Donohue, the president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce.

Bruce Josten, an executive vice president, said, "We were interested there. We were involved in that last cycle. We intend and will be involved in that race this cycle."

Warren's name appeared in headlines Wednesday after she announced that she had raised $5.7 million in the last quarter of 2011, a number that even exceeds what some Republican presidential candidates have raised in quarters last year. Brown raised $3.2 million during that time.

Josten noted today that Warren had a "pretty successful quarter in fundraising."