Does Jon Huntsman Trust Mitt Romney? The Answer Says It All. Three Times.

If Iowa is the place where candidates leave licking their wounds, New Hampshire is where they come to pour salt in them. And waiting in the Granite State with a giant salt shaker is former Utah governor Jon Huntsman. In an interview with ABC News, Huntsman refused to say that Mitt Romney is a person he trusts. He balked at the question, not once, not twice, but three times.

Do you trust him? Dodge number one: "I think he's a good man. I think he's been on three sides of every major issue of the day. And because of that it's going to be very tough in the end … to be able to make that trust argument to the American people."

But do you trust him? Dodge number two: "Do I like him? Do I admire him? Of course. On the issues that he flip flopped on … that's where he's going to have a press problem. Because he said one thing but then has found himself on the other side of those issues."

So no answer on, Do you trust him? Dodge number three: "I'm saying the American people, the voters, are going to have a hard time finding, I think, a gut level trust when it comes to someone who has been on so many sides of major issues."

Huntsman, who has staked his whole campaign on a strong showing in New Hampshire, says he expects the rhetoric in New Hampshire to get pretty heated. How sharp are his elbows? Governor Huntsman says, "They're sharp enough to get to where we need to be."