Grandchildren of 10th President John Tyler Still Alive

John Tyler, born in 1790, became America's tenth commander-in-chief in 1841. After doing the math, it seems incredible that the former president could still have two living grandchildren.

Tyler had 15 children during his lifetime, making him one of the most prolific presidents in American history. Today, he has two living grandchildren, Lyon Gardiner Tyler, Jr., who is 87 and lives in Tennessee, and Harrison Ruffin Tyler, 84, who lives on Sherwood Forest Plantation, a national historic landmark in Virginia.

In the past two decades, one or two presidential kids have been the norm. But the 2012 GOP baby boom could change that.

Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum has seven children, while former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney has five boys. Ron Paul also has five children, as well as two grandchildren.

The large brood of the GOP candidates are throwbacks to the past - the 1800s, specifically, when the typical American family had five to seven children.  Today, the average American family has two children.

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