Kind of Exciting With 24 Hours to Go in S.C., Ron Paul's Little Shih Tzus, Cain and Colbert, Obama Angers Nuns (PM Note)

Over 50 - Newt Gingrich was over 50 for the first time on the OTUS Political Stock Market today -

24 Hours to go - 'Kind of Exciting' - Even Mitt Romney has to admit - this is shaping into a pretty darn exciting primary. And it's happening at his expense - One week ago Romney was 2-0 and coasting tow a win in South Carolina with a twenty point lead in the polls. Today he's 1-1 and his national lead, according to a Gallup daily tracking poll, has gone from 23 points to 10  - Huma Khan's wrap -

A week ago - someone would make history by making a clean sweep of the first three early preference states -  but as Jon Karl said on World News, its possible we could instead make history by having different people win all three early preference states.

It's either foreshadowing or an insurance policy, but Romney already has events planned in Florida on Sunday, the day after voting in South Carolina. But he's not committing to Florida debates.

Romney offered this little bit of self-deprecating understatement this morning - "So I knew that we'd have a long, long road ahead of us," he said in South Carolina today, according to ABC's Emily Friedman, "And, frankly, to be in a neck-and-neck race at this last moment is kind of exciting."

The ads are churning in South Carolina and there's some evidence the dirty tricks are revving up. But polls close in 12 hours. And in South Carolina, there are recounts.

'Little Shih Tzus' - Chris Good's lede - "The latest step in Rep. Ron Paul's long-ball, 50-state strategy looks like an animated semi-truck, honking and barreling through Minnesota's TV airwaves." Minnesota? The Brash New ad blows up (literally) govt. agencies, labels his rivals "little Shih Tzus' and is running in a state that doesn't vote for several primaries and caucuses hence. Ron Paul is playing a long-term chess game that will either yield him some goodies at the convention or some egg on his face.

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Disclosure Duel - Newt Gingrich, who has attacked Romney for not releasing his tax returns, is now under attack from Romney for not releasing the full House Ethics Committee report on him.

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