Mitt Hits McDonalds: Behind the Scenes with the Romney Bus in Florida

(Image Credit: Getty Images/ABC)

ABC News' Jonathan Karl reports:

I've had a chance to spend some time with Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Florida, including a chance to capture some otherwise unseen moments with my iphone. We caught up with him at an unannounced lunch stop at McDonalds - he's been shaping an everyman image, don't forget - and he does seem to genuinely enjoy his two burgers, no cheese, and small order of fries.

Watch the video and notice how the lady behind the counter is all business despite the fact that she may be serving the next president of the United States.

Video of Romney, who is the clear frontrunner, pulling into a big rally in Panama City, Fla., is quite a sight. It reminded us of a similar pose struck by President Obama on his bus tour through Iowa and the South this summer.

The bus tour, apparently, is the 2012 answer to the whistle-stop tour.

Take  a look at our time behind-the-scenes with Mitt Romney in Florida: