Mitt Romney Gets Occupied at Iowa Rally

CLIVE, Iowa - For the first time since launching his presidential campaign, Mitt Romney got a visit from Occupy Wall Street protestors during a rally Monday night just outside Des Moines, Iowa.

Midway through his stump speech, Romney was interrupted by protestors shouting their rallying cry, "Mic check!"

Nearly immediately, the protestors were drowned out by cheers from the crowd of more than 500 with chants of "Mitt! Mitt! Mitt!"

One member in the crowd screamed back at the protestors, "Get a job!"

Romney, audibly laughing at the outspoken crowd member, addressed the protestors.

"Thanks guys, let's talk about the Constitution again," said Romney.

But the protestors kept chanting, "Stop the war on the poor! Stop the war on the poor!"

"Thanks guys," Romney responded again, looking around as security escorted the individuals outside. "Isn't it great to live in a country where people can express their views?"

"It's a great country," he said. "I love it."

Earlier this month, New Jersey Gov. Christ Christie, who was stumping for Romney in West Des Moines, Iowa, was interrupted by protestors.

At first laughing, Christie engaged the protestors, saying, "You're so angry, aren't you? So terrible."

"Work it all out, work it all out of yourselves," said the oft-brash Christie. "You know what? We're used to dealing with jokers like this in New Jersey all the time."