Rick Perry Jokes About Taking Question From Mannequin

BLUFFTON, S.C. - As he started a question and answer session at a meet and greet at the Squawk 'N' Gobble, a restaurant here known for their hamburgers, Rick Perry joked about taking a question from a mannequin standing in the corner of the room.

"I think we're going to answer a few questions if that's alright Katon. Katon Dawson, your former," Perry trailed off as he started to point to a female mannequin, wearing a Squat 'N' Gobble t-shirt with her hand was raised above her head.

"I thought this lady had her hand up over here, but just kidding you. She does, best question I'll get, right?"

About fifty voters and reporters packed into the tiny cramped restaurant to hear the Texas governor speak while another fifty overflowed out into the parking lot. The female mannequin wearing a Squat 'N' Gobble t-shirt stood quietly and motionless in the corner of the room while voters squeezed together to get a peek at Perry.

There are images of the mannequin, in various holiday costumes, at the Squat n Gobble Facebook page.

Watch the video here: