Rick Perry Zings Herman Cain

Looks like there's a little war brewing between Rick Perry and former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who recently criticized the Texas governor's depth and knowledge of political issues.

"I hope Herman doesn't think running a Godfather's Pizza is the same as running the state of Texas," Perry said on Laura Ingraham's Radio Show after the host played a clip of Cain's comments and the Texas governor touted his job creation record in the state.

During an interview on the Fox Business Network Wednesday, Cain called Perry a "foregone superstar" who "wasn't deep on any of the issues."

"He started out with a lot of hoopla, and it wasn't deserved, because the media, as well as the establishment, wanted to make him a foregone superstar as soon as he got in the race," Cain said Wednesday morning.  "And he had to debate. People found out that he had very weak debating skills, in my opinion. He wasn't deep on any of the issues, and this sort of thing."

Perry continued to criticize Cain's 9-9-9 plan, which became the platform for the former candidate's presidential bid.