Ron Paul Raises $13 Million, Has Long-Term Strategy

Steve Pope/Getty Images

Ron Paul   is raising big bucks. Other than Mitt Romney, no candidate has more resources now to wage a drawn-out campaign.

The Ron Paul campaign reports raising $13 million for the fourth quarter of 2012.

Not all the campaigns have released 4Q numbers yet, but the only one likely to surpass that will be the Romney campaign, which has said it raised more than $20 million.

In addition to buying TV time in N.H. and S.C., the Paul campaign also tells me they have already spent money on direct mail in L.A., N.V., M.E., C.O., W.A., N.D.  And he and Romney are the only candidates who will be on all the ballots. They clearly have a delegate-accumulation strategy designed to create a stir at the Republican Convention in Tampa at the very least.

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