Stephen Colbert Explains His Possible Presidential Bid


One never knows when interviewing any newsmaker if they're being 100 percent truthful. But when interviewing comedian Stephen Colbert today about exploring a possible bid for president, it was even more difficult to tell truth from fiction.

But what does it matter when the fiction is so much fun?

Colbert says he is not yet launching a campaign, but instead forming an exploratory committee- albeit a committee that will include  "a brain in a jar" and a "mountain climber." But , as I pointed out to him, if he wants to seriously run in the South Carolina Republican primary, the committee needs to act quickly. The state's primary is in six days.

But while his campaign flounders between fiction and reality, his Super PAC is pouring real money into attack ads that are airing in South Carolina.

While I asked him about the PAC-financed attacks- which call Mitt Romney a "serial killer"- like other politicians, Colbert claims ignorance about the content of the ads.  Colbert's PAC, which up until he announced his possible presidential bid was called Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, is now being managed by his longtime comedic compadre, Jon Stewart. The PAC is now called The Definitely Not Coordinated With Stephen Colbert Super PAC.

Today Colbert called Stewart a "loose cannon."

He explained that handing off control of his SuperPAC to Stewart was painful. "That's my baby. Do you know how hard it is to give away a baby? Now imagine if that baby had a whole lot of money."

Watch my full interview here.

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