Michelle Obama Does 25 Push-Ups


First Lady Michelle Obama isn't blowing hot air when she stumps on the importance of physical fitness. She proved Wednesday that she's got the moves to back it up.

During a taping of the Ellen Degeneres Show in Los Angeles for an episode that will air this afternoon, Obama accepted - and won - a challenge by Degeneres to see who could do more push-ups on the spot.

Both women flung off their dress coats and hit the floor, pumping up and down, side-by-side to cheers from the crowd.

"How many was that for her?" asked Degeneres after both women had finished. "Twenty five."

"I just stopped," said a smiling Mrs. Obama.

"And I thought it wouldn't be good to show up the first lady," retorted Degeneres. "So, I stopped because I thought this looks bad that I'm going to beat her. And I'm 54 and you're 48. Let's make sure we know."

The first lady appeared on the show to promote her "Let's Move!" campaign which encourages physical activity to help fight obesity.

Obama told Degeneres she works out for an hour and a half every day in the morning, including cardio activity, weight lifting and plyo-metric exercises.

As for other insights into daily life at the White House, the first lady said the President needs some help keeping his bedroom neat.

"Does he pick up his socks?" asked Degeneres.

"No, no he doesn't," said Obama.  "You know, he thinks he's neat, but he has people who help him. And I'm like, 'You know it's not you that's neat. It's the people who pick up your socks. Those are the neat people.'"