Obama Advises Men to 'Go Big' for Valentine's Day

Fuse/Getty Images

President Obama today offered some unsolicited advice to "all the gentlemen out there" before launching into official remarks on the payroll tax-cut extension.

"Today is Valentine's Day. Do not forget," he said with a grin, drawing laughter from a friendly crowd at an event in a White House auditorium.

Obama later sent a public message to his wife, Michelle Obama, over his campaign's Twitter account:  "Hey, @MichelleObama Happy Valentine's Day. -bo" it reads.

"I speak from experience here. It is important that you remember this," Obama added. "And go big.  That is my advice."

It's not the first time Obama has directed romantic advice to the men in his audience.

He has on several occasions encouraged men to "marry up," citing his own marriage to Michelle Obama as an example of how "to try to improve your gene pool."

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