Romney Says He Owns Guns - But Does He?

UPDATE: A campaign spokesman says Romney has two shotguns.

COLUMBUS, Ohio - At a town hall here, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said, in response to a question about gun control, "I have guns myself."

"I believe in the second amendment, I'll protect the second amendment, I have guns myself," Romney said today at the town hall meeting at Capital University. "Not going to tell you where they are. Don't have them on myself either, alright."

But in 2007 - after Romney claimed that he did have guns he later retracted his statement, saying that he himself does not have guns but his sons do.

During a virtual debate with the Boston Globe in 2007 Romney said, "I have a gun of my own. I go hunting myself. I'm a member of the NRA and believe firmly in the right to bear arms," to which the interview corrected him, "Ah, excuse me, but isn't that son Josh's gun?"

Romney responded, "Um, well, yes, but so what? He has several guns out at our vacation place in Utah, and I use them from time to time."

So, did Mitt Romney buy a gun in the last five years?

The campaign did not immediately respond to a request for a comment as to whether Romney does now own his own firearms.

He did at the town hall meeting today offer this explanation for why people should be able to buy guns.

"But we have a right in this country to bear arms and I know that there are people who think that somehow that should change and they keep looking for laws for a way to stop awful things from happening," said Romney. "And there are awful things that happen," he said. "But there already are laws that are designed to protect people and unfortunately people violate the laws. So trying to find more laws to change bad behavior isn't the answer, the answer is to find that bad behavior the people who are inclined to bad behavior, my own view is lets protect the second amendment let's protect the right of Americans to bear arms whether for hunting, for sportsman for personal protection for whatever legal purpose someone might have."