Ron Paul Celebrates 55th Wedding Anniversary, Surprises Wife with Gift

Presidential candidate Ron Paul had a surprise waiting for his wife this morning: breakfast in bed.

The couple is celebrating a 55 th wedding anniversary, and although Carol Paul has been the congressman's constant companion on the campaign trail, she was noticeably absent at an event this morning in Las Vegas.

"I said that she could sleep in and I provided her breakfast," said Ron Paul, R-Texas.

"Now, I have to confess, I didn't make the breakfast," Paul said, smiling.  "I called room service and made sure it was ready when she got up."

Carol Paul has been on the campaign trail since flying to Iowa Jan. 2, just before the Iowa caucuses. She often has been seen standing by her husband as he keeps up a rigorous campaign schedule.

She told ABC News in New Hampshire that she helps her husband prepare for the road by making sure he has enough shirts for his long campaign jaunts, but doesn't get involved with politics.

"I don't prepare his thoughts," she said. "He might talk about a subject to me and I will definitely have an opinion. He takes care of the country and I take care of the kids."

The Paul campaign said the two will celebrate with dinner and a show this evening in Las Vegas.