Call it Obamacare, The Politics of Trayvon, Amityville 2014, A Line at SCOTUS (PM NOTE)

SCOTUS - There's Already a Line -

Hey, Democrats, Call it Obamacare; Obama does  -

On the second anniversary of the health care reform law, the president's campaign embraces the term Democrats for two years have said is pejorative.

If both sides are calling it Obamacare, will it now be appropriate for newspaper and wire reporters to do the same?

The #ILikeObamacare hashtag is going bonkers on Twitter for both parties -

Democrats - @stefcutter - #ilikeObamaCare because kids can no longer be denied health care because they have asthma or any other preexisting condition.

and Republicans - @Brendan_Buck #ILikeObamacare because @SpeakerBoehner

All Things Obamacare are Here -

A Brief History of Health Reform -

The President Will miss the beginning of the health care arguments - he's in Korea, where he'll meet with Pakistan's PM Gilani -

Obamaville - Amy Walter on Rick Santorum's new horror-themed anti-Obama  ad (which also juxtaposes Obama's visage with Ahmadinejad's) - "The Santorum campaign is ditching the etch -a -sketch for a horror movie motif. Gone is the focus on Romney. In its place, a focus on Obama and the economy…The video itself looks like a horror film knock-off, complete with quick cuts and ominous music.  The overall message: another four years of President Obama is going to lead America into a Mad Max-like existence, one in which cities are filled with shuttered businesses and people wander the streets without jobs or hope. It even features a man holding a gas pump to his head like a gun. Santorum strategist and media consultant John Braebener says this is the first in what will ultimately be an "eight part webisode series showing what America may look like in the future if Obama is re-elected."

Jeb Bush Says Romney Needs to 'Change the Tone' With Latinos -

Biden Tries Out Medicare Campaign Speech - Dwyer: "Biden's folksy 30-minute address, the second of four he's planned to lay out what Democrats believe are the defining issues of the 2012 campaign, sought to tap into the widespread unpopularity of Ryan's first GOP budget, which includes deep spending cuts, controversial changes to Medicare and cuts in income tax rates… '"You may remember the first Ryan budget. Nothing subtle about it. It dismantled Medicare. Within 10 years it was a voucher system. It dismantled the system and meant that the average senior would be paying another $6,000 out of pocket for the Medicare benefits they now receive,' he said."

Pat Toomey Says Romney Can Be Trusted as a Conservatives -

But, like DeMint,  he falls short of "endorsing." Vote 2012 fad among pols - the halfdorsement.

Obama: "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon Martin" -  President says Investigation Needed - President Obama announced his new pick for the head of the World Bank today before turning his focus to the shooting death of Trayvon martin: "I can only imagine what these parents were going through. If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon," he said of the 17-year-old boy who was gunned down by a neighborhood watchman. The president called for the case to be investigated from every angle, and urged Americans to "do some soul searching to figure out how something like this happened."

Why Obama spoke out on Trayvon -

Republican Candidates Weigh In on Trayvon Martin, Oppose Federal Investigation -

Obama Taps New World Bank Chief - The president called Dartmouth College president Jim Yong Kim "ideally suited" to lead the World Bank and "forge partnerships all around the world."-

Jim Kim Said Obama Lacks Leadership on Health Reform -

Gingrich Says Its Should Bother Obama That People Think He's Muslim - Interesting piece from Elicia Dover -

'Pretend It's Obama' - Rick Santorum made an appearance at a gun range in Louisiana on Friday, and while Santorum aimed his gun at the target, journalists overheard someone in the crowd encouraging the presidential candidate to "pretend it's Obama." Santorum was wearing hearing-protection ear muffs and did not hear the comment, which he later called "absurd."

Romney Manages Expectations in Louisiana - says he probably won't win all the delegates there -

Romney Uses Obamacare Anniversary to Blast It -

Santorum, Despite Lumping Romney with Obama Recently, Clarifies He'll Vote for the Republican Nominee -

Being a Lawmaker Can Be Lucrative Family Business, Report Concludes