Centenarian's Marriage Advice to Obama: 'Compromise!'

(Image credit: The White House)

President Obama this week received some well-worn advice on how to make his marriage of nearly 20 years last  potentially  four times as long.

During a stop in Boulder City, Nev., Obama met Wilbur and Theresa Faiss of Las Vegas, who have been married for 79 years - one of the nation's longest-wed couples.

"It is a great honor to meet you. Congratulations. Seventy-nine years - this is wonderful," Obama said greeting Wilbur, 100, and Theresa, 96, backstage at his energy policy event, meeting the two for the first time.

"You gotta tell me your secret for staying married for 79 years," Obama said.

"You should know what it is," quipped Wilbur Faiss.

"Just do what she tells you to do?" Obama replied

"No. Compromise!" Faiss said.

The exchange, which occurred out of sight of press pool cameras, was captured by a White House videographer and included in the latest edition of the administration's video series, "West Wing Week."  You can see it HERE. The encounter happens at 3:52.

Wilbur Faiss, who married Theresa in Centralia, Ill., in 1933, told the Las Vegas Review Journal for a profile published earlier this year that another secret to his marriage was  kindness.

"Every day ask her how she feels and 'Is there anything I can do for you?'?" Wilbur Faiss said. "And say, 'Honey, I still love you.'?"

Theresa, who did not speak to Obama, has "old people's illness," her husband told the Review Journal.

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