Delegate Numerology: Mitt Romney is Still Way Ahead in Delegate Race

Even on a night when he placed third in two key GOP state contests and won two smaller ones, Mitt Romney was victorious in the one area that really counts - the delegate race.

And don't let Rick Santorum's admonitions that math doesn't matter fool you.

Romney is still well on pace - if he maintains current momentum - to win the nomination. When you look at the race from a national perspective, more Republicans by a long shot have voted for Romney. And his delegate totals surpass all of his rivals combined.

See the primary delegate scorecard.

Here are the numbers.

There are 2,286 Republican Delegates up for grabs in 2012.

1,357 delegates are outstanding - meaning they haven't been awarded or projected by ABC.

1,144 delegates are needed to win the nomination.

Romney has 496 (53 percent of those awarded so far), so he needs 648 to win the nomination. (About 48 percent of those remaining)

Santorum has 252 delegates, so he needs 892 to win the nomination. (66 percent)

Gingrich has 133 delegates, so he needs 1011 to win the nomination. (74 percent)

Gingrich and Santorum together have 385, and so need 759 to win the nomination. (56 percent)

Ron Paul has 48 Delegates. (He'd have to win 80 percent of the remaining delegates)

All three non-Romney candidates added together have 433  delegates - fewer than Romney on his own. So they need a combined 711 to deprive him of victory.  (52 percent of those remaining)