Happy Birthday, Mitt Romney: What to Get for the Candidate Who Has (Almost) Everything

Jonathan David Mercer / AP Photo


Mitt Romney clearly hasn't been waiting around to be eligible for Medicare . An aide said today the former Massachusetts Governor would not on his birthday enroll in any part of the government health insurance program for those over 65.

He also wasn't waiting around for birthday wishes from his rivals for the GOP nomination.

Hogan Gidley, spokesman for Rick Santorum, said on Twitter that "@RickSantorum called @MittRomney to wish him a Happy B-Day, got voice mail, left msg."

So, what do you get for the guy that has (almost) everything? The GOP nomination would be a good start. But as Romney and his allies have learned, it can't be purchased.

Romney is locked in a delegate chess game with Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. While Romney has the clear lead at 454 - more than double Santorum's 217 - the big delegate prizes don't come for weeks. So he can't put the nomination away.

If Romney can't get Santorum to drop out for his birthday, he can at least hope that Newt Gingrich stays in and splits the very conservative/Evangelical vote with Santorum.

Those are two very important voting blocs in the sweep through the South that culminates tomorrow with primaries in Mississippi and Alabama.

Romney did get an endorsement and appearance at campaign rallies today with Jeff Foxworthy - the "you might be a redneckā€¦" comedian.

There aren't many politicians who more clearly are not a red neck than Mitt Romney, who wants more than anything for voters to find him moreĀ relatable.

Perhaps a good and attainable birthday gift for Romney would be to buttress his Southern relatability and add to Foxworthy's nod with an endorsement from Larry the Cable Guy, who endorsed Republican John McCain over Barack Obama in 2008.

Romney could also close his eyes before he blows out his birthday candles and hope for a turn by the national media away from social issues and back to the economy.