Hoopster-in-Chief Obama Offers NCAA Bracket Challenge

(Image credit: Chip Somodevilla/Pool via Bloomberg)

"Think you got game?"  That's the question President Obama is posing to sports fans in a new, online interactive contest aimed at expanding his re-election campaign's contact list and collecting some grassroots cash.

With the "Obama Bracket Challenge" on the campaign's website, supporters can electronically make their picks for the 2012 NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments and see how they measure up against Obama.

The president has filled out a March Madness tournament bracket each of the past three years during an interview with ESPN's Andy Katz.  He's expected to do so again this year, and his campaign will post his selections online.

To participate, users must provide their full name, email address and ZIP code.  They're also prompted to make a donation to the campaign after submitting their picks.

"We'll publish a list of everyone who does better than the president here on BarackObama.com after the tournament is over," the campaign says.

Obama will attend a first-round NCAA men's tournament game in Dayton, Ohio, Tuesday. He's bringing as a guest visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron.