Obama Calls GOP Debates Fodder for Campaign Ads

NEW YORK - President Obama said tonight that his campaign might run excerpts of the GOP primary debates as political ads "without commentary" during the general election.

"I recommend you watch the recent debates," Obama told a star-studded group of 90 donors at the Upper East Side home of HBO executive James Costos.

"I'm thinking about just running those as advertisements," he said with a smile and slightly joking tone. "Without commentary; here you go."

White House officials have said the president hasn't actually watched any of the debates, that he has only read reports about them.

Obama suggested that the ads would simply point out "this is what they said awhile back."

"I think what you're seeing now in the Republican primary underscores what's at stake in this election," he added.

Obama made the comments during his fourth and final campaign fundraiser in New York City tonight, where tickets were $10,000 apiece.

Spotted in the crowd were singer John Legend, designer Tory Burch, actress Mariska Harigatay and designer Michael Kors.