Obamacare Takes a Beating (We Think), Diane Sawyer and Ben Bernanke, Hittin' Switches in La Jolla (PM Note)

ABC Exclusive: Diane Sawyer Sits Down with Ben Bernanke - on Gas Prices, Unemployment Rates and Nerds - http://abcn.ws/HcCQhZ

More on Bernanke After the Jump

Obamacare Arguments, Day 2 - What the Individual Mandate Has to Do with Broccoli, Cell Phones and Burials -

Key Justices Roberts, Kennedy Seem Skeptical of Obamacare Mandate - A stilting, nervous performance by Solicitor General Donald Verrilli is drawing pans, but the skepticism expressed by Roberts and Scalia at the top of the arguments was more fact-based than performance based. And according to Terry Moran, who was in the court, it wasn't a good day if you're a fan of Obamacare. Ariane de Vogue's full write-up is here:   http://abcn.ws/HhUFt5

Things did not sound good for Obamacare during most of these arguments, especially when Kennedy suggested this law fundamentally changes the relationship between people and government.  But de Vogue points out that Justices' questions and comments don't always reflect their opinions.  And at the very end, Kennedy also said: "The young person who is uninsured is ..very close to affecting the rates of insurance and the costs of providing medical care in a way that is not true in other industries. That's my concern in the case."

VIDEO: Watch these two guys go at it - http://abcn.ws/HbHtYK



Moscow Time and the "Smell of Hollywood" - Russian President Dmitri Medvedev today accused Mitt Romney of being stuck in the Cold War, after the Republican presidential candidate said Russia was the United States' "number one geopolitical foe." Medvedev dismissed Romney's Monday remarks at a news conference in Seoul, saying they "smell of Hollywood." Medvedev told reporters today that the U.S. presidential candidates should explain their rationale for such statements, according to the Russian Interfax news agency. He advised Romney and the other candidates to look at their watches, saying "now is not the mid-70s." (Nice Moscow dateline for Kirit Radia) -   http://abcn.ws/HgSapt

Romney Raising and Lowering in La Jolla - Accurate to describe activating your car elevator hydraulics as "hittin' switches?" We're not sure which type of car needs to be raised and lowered at Mitt Romney's San Diego beachfront house after he rebuilds it. But plans include an automobile elevator (coupla Cadillacs?). Michael Falcone was on the scene and saw the posted city application with his own eyes - http://abcn.ws/GWeBXe

Open Mic Moments - Obama Is a Repeat Offender of Unintended Candor - http://abcn.ws/HaafeC

Howling Red Wolves: Newt Gingrich Live-Tweets Zoo Visit  - http://abcn.ws/HgOy74

CNN Poll Shows Santorum Needs Gingrich - Amy Walter points out a New poll by CNN/ORC shows Romney leading Santorum by 10-points in a four-person match-up. Romney 36%, Santorum 26%, Paul 17% , Gingrich 15% . But, in a two person contest, Romney jumps to a 19-point lead over Santorum Romney 53% Santorum 34%.

Civility Collapses -

In the morning Matt Negrin told the touching story of two protesters agreeing to disagree - http://abcn.ws/GWjnE9

In the afternoon he saw two different protesters just scream at each other - http://abcn.ws/Hf7vcd

Meaningless Mandate Argument Numbers

Broccoli mentions: 8

Burial mentions: 13

Car mentions: 25

Confusion mentions: 1

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Sober Sendoff - Two years and two whacks of a champagne bottle after she first christened it, First Lady Michelle Obama will on Saturday formally commission the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Stratton, a ship she sponsored as part of her Joining Forces initiative - http://abcn.ws/Hj0UhJ

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Trayvon Martin and Capitol Hill

Boehner Says Trayvon Martin's Death a 'Tragedy'; Teen's Parents Head for Capitol Hill - http://abcn.ws/GT8YI7

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Congress Searches for Road Ahead on Highway Bill - http://abcn.ws/GUVisI

More on Bernanke - He thinks Nerds are jobs creators, but it "remains to be seen" if they set good economic policy. Bernanke said higher gas prices may cause inflation to be "a little bit higher" in the next few months… "But at this level we don't think yet that - particularly given the other good news we've seen in labor markets and so on - we don't think it's going to be anything that's going to stall the recovery," He said it's "far too early to declare victory" on a strong economic recovery and the national unemployment rate of 8.3 percent is still "too high." The head of the U.S. central bank forecasts the unemployment rate will be close to 8 percent by year's end, "but that depends very much on how fast the economy grows." http://abcn.ws/HcCQhZ