President Obama to British PM Cameron: 'Why Don't You Use My Bed'

Signs of the coziness of the U.S.-U.K. relationship were not lacking during last week's state visit by British Prime Minister David Cameron.  But here's one that might surpass them all:  President Obama reportedly offered his bed to a jet-lagged Cameron while the two were flying aboard Air Force One.

"It was four o'clock UK time so he [Obama] said 'David, why don't you use my bed and put your feet up,' so I duly did," Cameron said today during a stop in Witney, England, according to an AFP reporter on the scene.

The two leaders flew together on the presidential plane to Dayton, Ohio, on the afternoon of March 13 to attend a first-round NCAA men's basketball tournament game.  Obama's offer to Cameron apparently took place on the return flight to Washington that night.

"Barack went to the back of the plane and explained to my private secretary and the team, 'Don't worry, the British prime minister is fine; I have just tucked him up in bed.'  I don't think that has happened before," Cameron said, according to AFP.