Romney Delivers Counter Argument to Obama's Energy Speech

AP Photo

FARGO, N.D. - On the same day President Obama will deliver a speech on energy in New Hampshire, Mitt Romney pivoted his stump speech to focus on that very subject, accusing Obama of not understanding energy, much like he often accuses him of not understanding the economy.

"This is a president who does not understand energy. He is the problem; he is not the solution. It's time to get him out of the White House," said Romney, speaking at the Wrigley Mechanical warehouse in Fargo.

"Today the president is going to be in New Hampshire talking about energy in North Dakota. He's about as far away from North Dakota as he can get and still be in the United States. His idea of course is to be far enough away from the people who know what's really going on right here to maybe try and blow one past folks," said Romney.

Romney, who supports fracking - a method of obtaining oil and gas by pumping fluids into the ground to break apart rocks and release sources of energy - railed against the Obama administration for trying to regulate it.

"As a matter of fact, he's got 10 different federal agencies trying to push their way into fracking so that they can slow down the development of oil and gas in this country," said Romney. "And then more and more I think…no brainer decision. When someone says we want to bring in a pipeline that's going to create tens of thousands of jobs to bring oil in from Canada, how in the world could you say no?"

"This is a president who's not been helping the situation. And then he takes his EPA and uses them to try and stifle the development of oil and gas in this country and coal. And then he gets his EPA and tries to get them to start regulating fracking," said Romney.

Romney was also asked by one member of the audience about the second amendment, the second time in as many days that Romney has been asked about his stance on gun control.

"I will protect the right to bear arms in this country," he said. "I have a couple of guns myself, and - shotguns, that is - and I know that people have their own choices in this regard. I know there will be an attack on the Second Amendment, just as there was recently an attack on the First Amendment."

"Obamacare is an attempt by this administration to say, for instance to the Catholic Church, that they have to provide to the employees of, let's say, universities that are in the Catholic Church, they have to provide to them sterilization treatments for free, and contraception, and morning after pills, and that violates the conscience of the church, the conscience of individuals, and fortunately, there's an effort in Washington to stop that, to reverse that," he said. "This is a president, I agree, who is attacking the principles of the Constitution."