The Sudan and Kony - Q's for George Clooney - 3/15/2012

Actor and activist George Clooney and activist John Prendergast of The ENOUGH Project visited President Obama today to talk about the Sudan. I interviewed both men on "This Week" about their activism last year, you can read more about that HERE.  Here are the two questions I asked him today at the stake-out at the White House; Mary Bruce will have a fuller report on their conversation with President Obama about the Sudan.

TAPPER: Can you give us an update on the Sudan Sentinel project?

GEORGE CLOONEY: The Satellite Sentinel. A couple of days ago - the truth with the satellite is that there's a little bit of luck involved in terms of what you can actually capture, in terms of actual war crimes. We finally got photographs of antonovs in the air, bombing - and plumes of smoke - on innocent villagers that we have - those images released today. That's a tough one to get, that's a little bit of luck. It's good that we have it.

We will continue, we had obviously pictures we've captured over the last few months of mass graves, of military build-ups, of tanks, of road enhancements. The main thing is, look, it doesn't mean that they are going to use this evidence to immediately do something to act. No one thinks that we're going to act unilaterally, no one really thinks there's going to be a NATO no-fly zone coming in, that's not a realistic piece.

What it can do, we hope, is be a piece of evidence that we can use at the Security Council to raise the level of protection, the mandate, in terms of from a 6 to a 7, as they have numbers. We also know that these men, Omar al-Bashir, Defense Minister Hussein, are all war criminals. They are not convicted, but they are charged of war crimes in the international criminal court. This is evidence that will be compiled and used against them if they are ever brought to trial, if and when they are brought to trial."

TAPPER: What did you think of the Kony video?

CLOONEY: You know, I still haven't seen it. We landed the day before yesterday from Sudan. While we were gone is when it hit. I'm in it, which was funny, because actually it was a quote taken when I was talking about the satellite sentinel project and shining a light on Omar al-Bashir and war criminals, but it applies to Kony.

Listen, any time you are making the names of people who are charged for war crimes famous, I think that's good. I think the name Omar al-Bashir should be famous, I think people should know it."

-Jake Tapper