Santorum Sunbathing Offers Clue to Why Politicians Wear Suits and Ties

When in Puerto Rico, you sunbathe - even if you're a presidential candidate.

A photo posted by Buzzfeed shows a shirtless Rick Santorum lounging poolside during a break from campaigning in Puerto Rico on Thursday.

Santorum was asked about it during a radio interview on the Steve Cochran Show on Friday.

"They caught me sunbathing when we were in Puerto Rico," said Santorum. "We had about an hour after the time we did some events in Puerto Rico."

"We took about an hour to sit by the pool and catch a few rays, so I guess a paparazzi got me."

But Santorum turned the critical lens on himself, saying that he understands he could shed a few pounds.

"I know, I probably should lose 15, 20 pounds, but I'm working on it," said Santorum.

Informed that it wasn't the paparazzi but some tourists who snapped the shirtless photo, Santorum said he wasn't aware and issued an apology to anyone who set their eyes on him.

"I didn't know that anyone was taking a picture of us. I apologize to all of those because I'm sure that's not a pretty sight."

Santorum joins a list of other politicians who have been snapped shirtless. President Obama was photographed shirtless while on vacation in Hawaii, and Buzzfeed dug up old shirtless photos of Mitt Romney as well.

And Santorum isn't the only politician to visit Puerto Rico before Sunday's primary. Mitt Romney is on the island Friday and Saturday, so will we see a similar photo of Romney taking a break from campaigning to catch a few rays?