Courting Nerd Vote, Obama Flashes Star-Trek Salute With Nichelle Nichols

President Obama and Nichelle Nichols Give Vulcan Salute

President Obama met with Nichelle Nichols - that's Lt. Uhura from "Star Trek" - back in February, but Nichols didn't tweet a photo of her and the president giving the Vulcan salute until today.

"A photo came to me in the mail that I've kept for myself for over a week, but now it's time to share it with Trekkers everywhere -," she tweeted.

"Taken 2/29/12 in the Oval Office - Live Long & Prosper!"" she tweeted, linking to the photo.

The photo is now Nichols' Twitter profile photo and, according to her tweets after meeting the president, proudly displayed on her wall as well.

But it seems the Star Trek star was not the only one stoked about her White House visit. Nichols tweeted that the president said he was a "trekker" and had a crush on her Star Trek character as a child.

"Months ago Pres Obama was quoted as saying that he'd had a crush on me when he was younger. I asked about that & he proudly confirmed it!" Nichols tweeted the day of her White House meeting.

"President Obama also confirmed for me that he was defintely a Trekker! How wonderful is that?" read her next tweet.

In a December interview with ABC's Barbara Walters, Obama proved his trekker-ness by dropping a reference to the emotion-less Mr. Spok. When Walters asked the president what he thought the "biggest misconception" about him was, Obama responded, "Me being detached, or Spock-like, or very analytical."