End the Fed: Ron Paul Video Game in the Works

Courtesy Daniel Williams

Move over, Mario and Sonic, the latest video game superhero is  Ron Paul.

A new video game in the works will let users journey across the 50 states, collect gold and fight "boss battles" against the Federal Reserve System. No, this is not the latest Wii craze or Xbox 360 installment, but a start-up creation by a young Ron Paul supporter.

Still in development, the "Ron Paul: Road to REVOLution" game features the candidate traversing through more than 50 levels as he collects gold and delegates. Players will also be able to fight "boss battles" against the Federal Reserve to the tune of an original soundtrack. Each battle is representative of one of the 13 branches of the Fed, a frequent target of Paul's campaign.

The programmer behind the game, 27-year-old Daniel Williams, describing the game on crowd-funding website Kickstarter, calls it his "gift to the liberty-loving community, as well as fans of classic gaming."

Williams told ABC News that he was looking for $5,000 to put the finishing touches on the video before releasing it to the public; he earned that just 60 hours after submitting the proposal on Kickstarter.

"People were helping me to spread the word about it all over the internet," Williams said, adding, " I haven't even advertised the game at all."

The ultimate "mission" in the action/adventure game, he says, is twofold: to end the Federal Reserve and, of course, to become president.

"Everybody seems to love it. There are some haters out there but they have been surprisingly few and far between," he said.

Williams is also the programmer and co-founder of RonPaulSwag.com, a website that sells Ron Paul-related merchandise, including a "Ron Paul is my homeboy" hoodie.

"My partners and I have been dedicating ourselves to making liberty sexy," Williams says in the web video.

The game's online release is slated for July of this year, and Williams hopes to eventually bring it to iPhone and Android smartphones, but that will take time for the self-professed perfectionist.

"If there's a game about Ron, it's got to be awesome," he says. "That's my world."