Former President Bill Clinton Says He'd Be Surprised By Intervening Event Derailing President Obama's Re-election

Vice President Joe Biden last week boasted of confidence that he and President Obama can't be beaten - at least not by the Republicans.

"I don't think we'll be beaten by those candidates," he told attendees at a Chicgao fundraiser. "I think we'll be beaten - if we are - by something happening in the Eurozone or something happening in the Gulf, which could be difficult for us, or this barrage of 'super PAC' money. But even with that I feel good."

Former president Bill Clinton told ABC News that he largely agrees with this assessment, that President Obama will be re-elected.

"I think that he's gonna win handily, and I have for a long time," Clinton told ABC News in an exclusive interview. "I actually have since the 2010 elections.  Which made me sad, but…what the right-wing says always sounds better when they're sayin' it than when they're doin' it.  So I thought after the 2010 elections, they basically assured his reelection."   As for the unknowns, the former president said, "you could have a crisis in the Eurozone, and because American banks have big investments in European banks, that could hurt us.  You could have a crisis in Iran blow up in a way that, you know, added $50 a barrel to oil prices.  Even though we're producing more oil than ever before, you see?  And the world is clearly worried about that.  'Cause you saw all those people talkin' about takin' down their oil reserves."

"There's always something that could happen," he continued. "But even if that happens- most Americans believe the president's done a good job on national security.  I obviously think he's got a great national security team….So I'd be very surprised if an intervening event derailed the path I think this election's on."

As for those events, he said, "you know, that's what they hire you for, to be president, though.  You can't claim the benefits of the office.  That is, the ability to take some action every day and move something forward and not assume the burdens."

The former president made his remarks in an interview focused on Clinton Global Initiative University.

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-Jake Tapper