Gingrich North Carolina Stops Called Off, Then On Again

AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

The Newt Gingrich campaign found itself in a state of confusion Friday night when reports surfaced that  Gingrich would cancel all of his stops in North Carolina next week, fueling suggestions that Gingrich would be suspending his campaign.  But the campaign says nothing is happening.

Two people close to the Gingrich campaign told ABC News they were contacted and told all of Gingrich's North Carolina stops had been canceled, although R.C. Hammond, communications director for the campaign, said there was a "communication glitch."

"There was confusion, but we will maintain our North Carolina schedule next week," Hammond said.

One person close to the campaign said the stops were certainly canceled, then resumed after news reports left looming suspicion, even among his own staff, that Gingrich was suspending his campaign.

On Friday, the vice chairman of the North Carolina Republican party told the Shelby Star that he was contacted and told a stop a tavern in Kings Mountain, N.C. was canceled.

"We're certainly disappointed in the Gingrich campaign and we're disappointed he will not be visiting North Carolina," King said to the Shelby Star.

Gingrich was also scheduled to visit a charter school next Wednesday where fourth graders planned to present him with an American history project, according to News Channel 36 in Charlotte.

"We are disappointed that the Gingrich camp has decided to cancel the entire N.C. tour," said Lincoln Charter School Chief Administrator Dave Machado.  "We were looking forward to the opportunity to showcase the accomplishments of the LCS Community. It is unfortunate for our students and for that we are disappointed."

Hammond denied the stops were resumed purely to extinguish speculation Gingrich was dropping out.

"The North Carolina guys were instructed that the schedule was going to be redone so they called and told people, now they've got to call and tell them it's back on," Hammond said.

Gingrich will campaign in Delaware Saturday and will also campaign there Monday in a final push to pick up delegates. Hammond said Gingrich will not be dropping out any time soon, and certainly not before Tuesday.