Obama Briefed on Photos of Soldiers Posing With Dead Suicide Bombers

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said President Obama was briefed on photos published today in the Los Angeles Times depicting U.S. military personnel posing with the dismembered bodies of suicide bombers.

Carney, speaking with reporters on Air Force One today, said he did not ask the president if he'd actually seen the images but he noted that "the conduct depicted in those photographs is reprehensible."

"It does not in any way represent the standards, the high standards of the U.S. military," Carney said. "And the President certainly shares in the Defense Secretary's opinion that this needs to be investigated, and it will be investigated, and that those responsible will be held accountable."

Carney also added White House Officials were "very disappointed" about the decision to publish the photos. The Pentagon "obviously urged the newspaper not to publish these photos," Carney said.  He added that editors at the paper were told by military officials that publishing the photos would put U.S. military and civilians in Afghanistan in danger.