Republicans Look to Undermine the President's Coolness and Likeability

(Image Credit: Lloyd Bishop/Getty Images)

The Republican National Committee today posted a video titled " A Tale of Two Leaders ," which attempts to contrast Mitt Romney's general election kickoff speech last night with President Obama participating in Jimmy Fallon's "Slowjammin' the news" bit on that TV show.

The RNC also suggests the new hash tag - #NotFunny.

You'll see more of this as the RNC and Romney campaign make efforts to use the president's "coolness" and likeability as a weapon against him. The basic thinking is that Romney will never be cooler, and may not ever be considered more likeable, than the president, so Republicans will argue this election isn't about fun on Jimmy Fallon - it's about competence and jobs.

The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza has a post today looking at this issue.

-Jake Tapper