Romney Jokes Alliteration May Be Key to Veep Pick

(Image Credit: Stephan Savoia/AP Photo)

PITTSBURGH, Pa. - Mitt Romney joked today about the possibility that alliteration might play a role in who gets picked as his running mate this fall.

Bringing up Florida Sen. Marco Rubio during an interview with Breitbart News, interviewer Larry O'Connor said, "And when you mention Marco Rubio who is really kind of a Tea Party icon, he was really one of the first major candidates to be born out of the Tea Party movement and I've got to tell you a Romney-Rubio ticket sounds - do you like the alliteration of that headline - Romney-Rubio?"

"I'm sure that's one of the key characteristics in the selection process," Romney said while laughing. "Just joking."

"In that case 'Romney-Ryan' sounds pretty good as well," said O'Connor.

"You're pretty good at this," Romney said, still chuckling.

Romney revealed Monday that his longtime adviser Beth Myers would be in charge of the vice presidential vetting process, but declined to say when a decision may be made, other than that it would be announced before the Republican National Convention in August.