Romney Talks Horses, Dressage and a Missouri Fox Trotter

A video on Gawker shows Mitt Romney talking to Fox News' Sean Hannity before an interview about some mostly newsless topics, but certainly one that will fit into the theme of the candidate as a rich out-of-toucher: his "dressage" horses.

Here's a clip of Romney talking about the animals he owns with his wife:

"She has Austrian Warmbloods, which are - yeah, it's a dressage horse, it's a kind of horse for the sport that she's in. Me, I have a Missouri Fox Trotter. So mine is like a quarter horse, but just a much better gait. It moves very fast, and doesn't tire, and it's easy to ride, meaning it's not boom-boom-boom, it's just smooth, very smooth."

Dressage is very competitive horse riding in which the animal's mane is often braided and the riders wear top hats and long coats.

The video arrived courtesy of a guest blogger who claims to be a Fox News employee fed up with the company's practices.

Romney's remarks are reminiscent of other things that have haunted his campaign, like his comment that he has friends who own Nascar and NFL teams, and his offer to bet Rick Perry $10,000 during a debate. Architectural plans for a new house for Romney revealed that it includes plans for an elevator for his cars.