Rubio Loses Page of Speech at Foreign Policy Talk

(Image Credit: ABC News)

As he wound up a major foreign policy speech Wednesday afternoon, Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., was missing a crucial piece of the puzzle - the last page of his speech.

Rubio, who delivered the speech without a teleprompter, admitted to the crowd at the Brookings Institute that he misplaced the final page from his speech.

"I left the last page of my speech. Does anyone have my last page?" Rubio said before Sen. Joe Lieberman, who introduced Rubio, passed it to him across the stage.

When an aide to Rubio e-mailed prepared remarks before his speech, he wrote "Be forewarned: He may deliver this from memory."

The last page of Rubio's speech included a lengthy quote from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, making it difficult for the Florida senator to wing the final minutes of his speech.

"This is why I need this page," Rubio joked before reading the Blair quote.

Rubio took the flub in stride, joking at the end of a question and answer session, "I'm pleased you found my page. I couldn't memorize a Tony Blair quote."