AARP Calls Jon Huntsman Sexy Despite Views on Entitlements

A Man on Fire (Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty Images)

He couldn't get the votes for the Republican nomination, but Jon Huntsman has gained an accolade of a different kind.

His rock band past and his salt and pepper hair  have earned former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman a spot on American Association of Retired Persons Magazine's 21 sexiest men of 2012.  The former Utah Governor shares the distinction with actor George Clooney and musician Yo-Yo Ma as part of the magazine's "Men on Fire 2012? series.  Huntsman was the only politician to make the list.

"Your inner strength is as important as your outer strength," said Huntsman in his interview with AARP.

AARP is a group that defends the interests of 38 million retired Americans.  In the past they have fought for preserving both Medicare and Social Security.  Huntsman, described as a reluctant moderate in a profile posted to the AARP website, said that he would vote for the controversial Paul Ryan Budget but is also quoted saying that the fervency of the debate is scaring older Americans.

"All I know is that we're frightening the American people who just want solutions," said Huntsman in a 2011 Tea Party debate.

Conservatives like Ryan have argued that changes need to be made in order to preserve Medicare and Social Security in the long run.

AARP made headlines last year when their policy chief suggested that Social Security should be part of the larger deficit reduction conversation.

Huntsman is married to Mary Kaye Huntsman and has seven children.  So, sorry, women readers of AARP Magazine.